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Monday, November 24, 2008

Bush: Where's The Love?

Not a single handshake. They really hate him.

This is especially interesting considering the summit consisted of the G20 and was an attempt to find a solution to the current finanacial crisis. Furthermore, the summit was in Washington and Bush was the host.

He got the cold shoulder anyways.

You can see 'The Great Decider' shuffle past each head of state, staring at his shiny shoes. Not a single hand is extended to him. Not a single smile. A proud leader of the most powerful nation in the world? Or the final failure of a nation in steep decline?

There is abosulutely no way in hell this could happen to Obama.


Anonymous said...

Of course, the real story is that Bush, being the host, had greeted all the guests individually, but they hadn't yet met eachother.

Though I agree that the responsabliity of herding his guests back and forth seems to weigh heavily on him...

Ben Bittrolff said...

Interesting. Thanks for the info.

Emini Addict said...

It still looks bad no matter if he had greeted them already or not. I don't think he really even cares anymore.. He's like.. "I'm out here anyway!"

Remoran said...

What a sad testimony to a failed presidency. Bush is the worst of all time. Franklin Pierce, the former worst of the worst is FDR compared to the "decider".

Anonymous said...

bush is a rich kid doper that was given a gift of the presidency....i still dont see how he was elected.?

Anonymous said...

This is a ridiculous assumption.

Anonymous said...

As to Obama, I wish the community organizer the best, but expect the worst as he embarks on mission to convert one's labor to the public "good".

Unknown said...

Yes, Obama has accomplished so much!

This country is screwed, and not b/c either of the clowns (Bush or the coming Messiah). It's over b/c Americans are retards, plain and simple.

Narasimhan said...

Bush is the head of a nation. Sadly he was not treated so. I don't think that is reflected about the nation. His walk says it all - I am not the interim president. Henry and Ben are.

Even Angela ignored him.

OK. Maybe they saw him sneeze into his hands !!

Anonymous said...


It's sad that you fell for this MSM's "blame Bush" for everything propaganda.

Ben Bittrolff said...


Don't worry. I don't blame Bush for "everything".

He isn't responsible for the economic crisis. He's responsible for a couple other booboos though...

Anonymous said...

Hey Hulu,

Bush owns everything that happened between 20 January 2001 and 20 January 2009 just like Obama will own everything that happens between 20 January 2009 and 20 January 2012 or 2016. The only thing Republicans do better than lie is to shirk responsibility.

Anonymous said...

What makes me laugh is all of America sits at home eating Cheetos, awaiting the 'Obama Rescue', when in fact they should be in mourning. Somehow idiot America forgets Obama supported almost every idiotic idea Bush came up with and has NO CLUE as to what to do next. Digging up old Clinton advisers will solve NOTHING. There is no 'high-tech miracle' around the corner..Only debt and clueless mud people.

Anonymous said...

I will take full responsibility for screwing up the dates in my original reply. I should have said 2013 and 2017 instead of 2012 and 2016. My bad!

Anonymous said...

This video was debunked by earlier video showing Bush greeting reps individually.

love the blog tho'

Anonymous said...

You must really, really hate George W. Bush...

And you must really, really love Barack H. Obama - our savior, our prophet, our future, blah blah blah... :)

Now I just have to assume your devotion to the socialists in the Congress who are mortgaging our future!

Anonymous said...

>> He isn't responsible for the economic crisis. He's responsible for a couple other booboos though...

I humbly beg to differ with you, Ben. Invading Iraq unilaterally and declaring victory prematurely:
- greatly escalated the price of war,
- added $5-$25/barrel for geopolitical uncertainty,
- led to his complete "eye off the ball" on the allegations of fraud and incompetent lending driving the housing market

Surely, the above factors greatly contributed to the debt crisis affecting the US.

I don't say the crisis is "only" the fault of Republicans and Republican voters. But, all the flippers in the world could never have done so much damage had some adults been in charge.

Anonymous said...

>> America forgets Obama supported almost every idiotic idea Bush came up with

Against the war. Against torture. Against giving tax cuts to the rich while we send troops off to war.

What "idiotic ideas" did your Commander-in-Chimp come up with that Obama supported?

Anonymous said...

>>> America forgets Obama supported almost every idiotic idea Bush came up with

> Against the war. Against torture. Against giving tax cuts to the rich while we send troops off to war.

Words are cheap...action speak louder than far, Obama's "Change" is his change of heart to lead the nation. Clueless Obama is letting Clinton Adminstration run the White House again.

Anonymous said...

>> Words are cheap...
>> action speak louder than words

Actions DO speak louder than words. So, your second statement is true. But, thoughts precede words, which precede and facilitate action. When you have dumb ideas, you say dumb things and then you DO dumb things. So, while I'm sure your first statement ("talk is cheap") is well accepted by the wrestlemania crowd, it's incorrect.

The last 8 years strongly suggest that words are dear. Dubya, his administration, and his supporters are poster children for:
(a) poor strategery,
(b) irrational discourse, and
(c) poor execution.
To many of us, these are related and, given (b), (c) was no surprise. That's why I was able to predict (i) "no WMD" and (ii) "easy victory in Iraq followed by unplanned-for insurgency" way back in February 2003. (What were your predictions back then???)

So, "words are cheap"?? No sir!

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