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Sunday, May 11, 2008

UK Bubble

UK Bubble: "It will all come down. Not one stone shall stand upon another."

I recently came across the blog UK Bubble.

After reading a few posts I suddenly found myself devouring the archives to catch up on everything I had missed.

The quality, depth and clarity of each argument and each post is truly impressive. Very informative. Very practical.

The UK Bubble is now on my daily 'must read' blog list. I most definitely recommend people check it out.


Gnostic Neuron said...

Thanks for the link... out of curiosity, what else is on your daily reading list? I'm sure some would be of interest to me and others.

Ben Bittrolff said...


I'll put a post together. There are some quality blogs out there that I cycle through every day.

Edward Harrison said...

It's a great site. I discovered it recently as well because I've started tracking the UK as the next leg down in the global financial crisis. Good source of UK-specific info. I think a blog on the Spanish market would be a nice find too.

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