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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Blame: Alan Greenspan


Anonymous said...

BS Bernanke needs to be included too. The pupil makes the master look like an "Also Ran" when it comes to destroying the USD.

kayxyz said...

Alan Greenspan has stated several times that he had to let the housing bubble happen because housing around the globe was "bubbling" (not his exact word). IOW, he justified his stance because "every other country was doing it."

However, what other countries? He never has stated specifically. If the US has the largest economy, then what other country had a housing bubble? My thought is he's just making excuses.

Thai said...

Ben, where would I go to learn about the financial health of Chevy Chase Bank? My company keeps a very large cash management account there, I thought it prudent to check up on how safe my cash is.

Thai said...

Also, Ben, do you think these congressional proposals to eliminate 'speculation in the oil markets' could be the first step in towards capital controls?

Anonymous said...

"If the US has the largest economy, then what other country had a housing bubble?"

The UK's housing bubble was as or more severe (depending which particular indicator you choose) as the US's. Spain and Ireland probably fall into the same league.

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