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Friday, July 11, 2008

On Vacation

I will be on a one week cruise.

Please stop selling in the meantime so I don't miss the ultimate crash. Pause. Just pause. (Dear Trading Gods, please don't let me miss anything really really cool... I don't want to be THAT guy... trading from the cruise ship in my Hawaiian shirt, raging at my laptop... spilling my beer all over the place.)

Or better yet, bounce equities for me so I can re-short when I get back from my vacation.


Anonymous said...

lol mate good luck to you you will need it :)

but seriously although it could happen next week I personally have the timeframe August/September.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your vacation....will miss your posts!!!

Trading Gods may grant your wish today!!!

Look at those GSE's tanking pre-market....gone baby gone!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Have a good break, Ben. Hope your cruise takes off tomorrow (Saturday) so you can trade the hell out of the GSE's today! Your last couple of trading calls (FNM, FRE, SMN, DUG . . . waiting for pop on KRE to 200 EMA) have been without equal.

Thanks for your insight.

-Mike J.

Anonymous said...

Dont spill your beer!

Anonymous said...

Ben, have a good trip. Will miss your blog in the meantime.

Unknown said...

Atta boy ben
Have fun

Capitalism rocks



Ade said...

yeah try and have fun on your vacation... i will be running all over this market screeming "the skies are falling"...

Anonymous said...

It will be a remarkable day indeed when this market and economy is utterly destroyed. You should see the things that are taking place all over the world... Nice knowin' you all...

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA!!! You already missed smtg big!
Indymac is bye bye!!
Your Timing sucks Ben!
Get back soon!

Anonymous said...

lol your timing couldn't be worse

peterthepainter said...

Hats off to the Ninja
Aha! **** hits fan.

What do I spy from my garret as I look out today? The msm are all over these people - you never heard them mention any of it before. Some referred to the bloggers as 'darker places on the web'.

I am only a garret lurking dreamer and I knew what was happening because I found these smart people on the web. mish, big pic. ninja, yves, alice and many more. and you can find them all on the links on their sites. Some are on here.

Why am I here to say this today? because It's fun to read the truth you suspect is out there and not all the managed stuff in the msm.

Disclosure : I am not a trader - yet? So I have no positions in any company. I only have my pension plan which is 70% cash. This is not advice. Do your own homework before investing anywhere.
Posted by charles stuart at 02:40 0 comments

jmf said...

Moin from Germany,

i hope you can enjoy your trip.

I have done the same 2 weeks ago with no connection to the internet and the markets.

Very refreshing and releaxing :-)

Anonymous said...

what a crazy time to take a vacation....that's too bad.

Anonymous said...

What?!! You don't want to be that guy???

Crap. That's my ambition in life! I want to be in a blindingly gaudy Hawaiian shirt on deck of a ship with my laptop, trading away! As for the spilled beer...hmm....gonna need a waterproofed laptop I guess!

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