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Thursday, August 28, 2008

China Slowdown: It's Real, Can't Blame the Olympics


MyFriendFate said...

Thinking forward, to when the trend reverses, do you know of any good ways to invest in china other than FXI?

Anonymous said...

"the visibility of the future business environment is low."

Maybe because of all the air pollution/smog? Just kidding! (but not really).


you've got plenty of time to find ways to invest in China before the trend reverses. Don't tempt yourself in trying to catch the falling knife.

-Mike J

Unknown said...

"do you know of any good ways to invest in china other than FXI?"

There are a number of mutual funds that invest in A-shares, as opposed to FXI which tries to mirror an H-share index. CAF is the only one I recall off the top of my head. Like the man says, definitely heading for a slowdown over there, plenty of time to make our asset allocation decisions.

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