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Monday, September 29, 2008

Dark Bailout

Simply amazing...

[ hat tip Socialized Losses ]

11 comments: said...

Hahaha I love it! Great video, great post!

Anonymous said...


BTW, did you notice that bloomberg is reporting that "Campbell Soup Co. was the only stock in the benchmark index (S&P 500) for U.S. equities to advance"?

Oh yeah, thats a bad omen.

I guess more than a few traders anticipate soup lines serving up Campbell's chicken noodle soup.

Anonymous said...

...I wonder how the cracker companies are doing.

Anonymous said...


kayxyz said...

Be glad the Right Wing Noise Machine (Karl Rove, Roger Ailes, Rush Limbaugh, drug addict, the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth), and not us, are the ones who have to prepare Sarah Palin for the Thursday night debate.

From out here in television land, I can tell you these morons hold unprecedented sway and influence over how Americans vote. Red, white, and blue military-themed television ads. "Democrats will raise your taxes."

The financial crisis may bring an end to the Roger Ailes propaganda machine.

Anonymous said...

Kayxyz, we can only hope.

Anonymous said...

Hey - I notice that the News is now calling it a "bank rescue plan" or "financial rescue plan" rather than a "bank bail-out"....I wonder why... said...

perplexo -- Perhaps because they know it's not absolutely necessary...It may help sure, but the world as we know it won't end...yet.

Not to cut my bashing short, but they were quick to point out the Wachovia purchase wasn't a bailout, so they are at least attempting to use these words carefully and correctly. Saying the wrong thing these days could send your stocks free falling.

Lucky for Campbells they'll be around to feed us all at the community soup lines.

Anonymous said...

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