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Monday, September 8, 2008

You're Being Lied To!


Ben Bittrolff said...

No time to post. Check back later for a big fancy post on commodities and financials...

Anonymous said...

anonymous, what's your take then? In my opinion, this mess is the result of, among other things, lax governmental oversight and stewardship. And that's the result of ignorant and complacent eligible voters. What's your explanation?

Anonymous said...

My real question is what are you doing to keep us all from holding the proverbial bag at the end of the day? Assuming you're a US taxpayer, you have a stake in the outcome, and you have influence over who appoints these folks.

Jake said...

is this guy saying he would prefer a situation like we had in the great depression?

while i am not happy we are in this mess and too many people to blame are walking away with way too much $$ in their hands (i absolutely believe many should be prosecuted), i do appreciate that things are being done to limit the damage to everyone who will end up paying for this mess via higher taxes. for this guy to say 20% unemployment is decent as long as the republic is still in tact is a joke. we ever get to 20% again and this "republic" is greatly at risk.

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