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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bodyweight Workouts During Economic Crisis

Uh oh. This is a real add.

"Due to the current economic situation, more and more people are finding themselves showing up less to their gyms. I'm here to show you the power of a good bodyweight workout - it's free and it works!"

So, if you blow you trading account, lose your house and shrivel up your 401k, don't even worry about it you can work out here for FREE.

[ Hat tip Brian Noob ]


Anonymous said...

Ha. A post this comment wouldn't be "off topic" of. Is there anyone in the Atlanta, GA area (specifically east side, Conyers/Covington area) who does any road biking (thats bicycles)? I try to do 30-50 miles a weekend. I'm no speedster (my name isn't Lance), but my biking route usually has some pretty good hills. I enjoy a combo of just getting out in the country, a pretty good low impact workout, and its good personal time, etc.

My wife is starting to join me, doing some shorter routes and then I go on my longer run.

Brant, Atlanta, GA

Anonymous said...

i actually do a lot of these during trading hours...otherwise i get so tight i cant move by the end of the day!

sold all my short etf's today (EEV). hope we have a nice bounce eod...

Anonymous said...

Wow. Whats up for the next two days? No weekend breather time, no weekend finance ministers meeting coming up with some new slush fund, low retail spending into holidays. Only about 120 points to 50% down. Will that be the big bounce or is there any support for it?

I looked at the Fed charts today and compared to your March ones. Wow, those scales are expanding. One good thing personal savings shot up, but then fell back down again. Looks like the monetary is going straight up from that curve down back in March. I guess they're printing money now and lots of it.

I also read that some smaller banks that seem to have been prudent are being forced into the nationalizing plans. I use a small 3 branch local bank without any problems. Granted I don't have zillions of ATMs avail., but I have never had a problem. My idea is we all just use the smaller regional/community banks and not these monsters. Isn't that the same as thinking/acting local? Its a lot easier to keep an eye on the smaller ones when you can walk into the Presidents office. I've asked several times in the last few months about their standing and have been satisfied. They don't even sell any of their mortgages, its all in house.

Brant, Atlanta, GA

Unknown said...

Thats right I be noobin it!

Brian Noob.

(if i not here the next few days its because i longed spy overnight and it went to 0, then went to -1.00, i hit out, and then it reversed to 150.00)

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