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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Equities: Still Stuck, Make or Break Time

Please excuse the weak posting this week... busy.


RMD said...

No apologies necessary!

I still love your posts.

Thank you


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ben! Keep up the great analysis!

Anonymous said...

You are the King of the Bear wedges. I agree with the two giys above.

Anonymous said...

Looks like we finally broke out & UP.

Next resistance looks like SPX 950...

Anonymous said...

I sold my SPX position into 867 this morning (daily 50 sma with daily 20 sma just above). Given the degree of weakness, I'm glad to be rid of it.

That's not to say I think this is a fake-a-break but rather I just want to manage risk.

Peter Pan

Anonymous said...

good post Ben.

you mind updating your most recent post on Gold? Is it time?
Goldfinger is getting an itchy trigger....


Unknown said...

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