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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Will Be Travelling...

I will be travelling today. Meetings everywhere. I will post end of day.

I love how Retail Sales "Unexpectedly" Fell. So, now that the unemployment rate has gone parabolic and with such hints as falling same store sales at giants like Wal-mart whocouldanode that retail sales would fall? This is all so unexpected.

Oh, and deflation is here. Officially now. Surprise.

U.S. Retail Sales Unexpectedly Fell in March as Jobs Evaporated
U.S. Producer Prices Fell 1.2% in March; Core Rate Unchanged


Adam said...


What do you think about The Panic of 1907 bear market as a fractal pattern for the current bear market?

Anonymous said...

"Oh, and deflation is here. Officially now. Surprise."

Wow, onother one who doesn´t know what the definition of inflation/deflation is!

Hint1: CPI is a manipulated index with only a few carefully chosen items in it and cannot be trusted.

Hint2: If there is more and more "money" in circulation do you think real prices would go down?

Hint3: Look up "Wiemar Republic" to see what´s in store for the US.

Anonymous said...

Adam -

You're not using the term 'fractal' correctly.

'Fractal' refers to something that is self-similar at different scales or resolutions.

It seems like you're just throwing the term around because it sounds like a word smart people use.

wunsacon said...

>> Wow, onother one who doesn´t know what the definition of inflation/deflation is!

If Ben is using the same definition I learned from Mish, then he is using it correctly.

Some people define "inflation/deflation" in terms of price increases. I.e., "if prices go up, then we have inflation -- and vice versa".

Mish and many others define inflation/deflation as the change in "the total cash and credit in the system". The amount of credit being written off exceeds the Fed's "printing". That's deflation.

Yes, there are linkages between (a) total cash/credit, er, money and (b) price levels. Besides the amount of change in cash/credit, there's also the multiplier.

During the past 6 months, people began holding their fiat currency instead of spending it. When everybody started doing this, the music stopped for the Chuck Prince's of the world. (Just about everybody, indirectly.) We all looked for chairs in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

The new bull market continues unabated.

Arshole said...

Travelling? I understand why you name yourself NINJA!!!! lol....fxxk U!

Josh said...

While travelling, think about our Free Markets.

Then make counterintuitive bets...
Go long bankrupt companies
Go long airlines
Go long commercial real estate
Short Gold (Manipulated)
Short Silver (Manipulated)
Nat Gas (Manipulated by JPM)
Crude (Manipulated by JPM)

So deflation is here. Really ?

BTW interesting new site

Josh said...

And this

Anonymous said...

FN -- if you ever blog again, would you consider commenting on the thread re: quant funds and market liquidity that's been going all week over at zero hedge? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

He went to Japan where the Ninja originate!

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