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Monday, November 5, 2007

I've Escaped My Cubicle...

I have escaped my cubicle.

Over the weekend I moved almost 500 kilometers from Toronto to Montreal and swapped my cubicle for the trading floor.

I have successfully completed a 10 month consulting gig. I am now staring at the half dozen monitors at my station on the trading floor of proprietary derivatives trading shop CFT Financials.

Now that I am back in the thick of things surrounded by some of the best prop traders I’ve ever came across, expect serious improvements to the blog.

I used to trade with the guys here at CFT Financials years ago at Refco. (Yeah, I was there when Refco imploded.) These guys are some of the best in the business…

“One prolific success story to emerge from the Mac Futures incubator is British trader Andy Priston. Priston was in his early twenties when he became the first trader to complete the Mac Futures prop training program.

Nicknamed “Braveheart” for his bold trading style, he is now considered one of the most successful futures traders in the business. Priston’s trading is said to account for as much as eight percent of monthly trading activity in the Eurodollar futures contract on the Chicago mercantile Exchange. The 28-year-old reportedly earns as much as $15 million per year and recently appeared in the annual Sunday Times list of richest Brits. He was helping Refco Trading services set up a new shop in Montreal, Canada when Refco went bust following a financial scandal involving its CEO (see related story in this issue). Man Financial bought the company and offered Priston a job, but the trader turned it down in favour of starting a new prop trading office in Montreal with some former Refco employees.

The story of this unique trader has inspired countless others to try and duplicate Priston’s success by entering the training program of their local prop shop and gaining the chance to prove themselves on the front line of a proprietary trading department. Greaves says opportunities for young people interested in getting started in trading have never been better, thanks to the prop shop model.” -Brokers On The Run

Shameless plug: CFT Financials is always looking for trading talent. (Offices: London, UK, Montreal QUE and Toronto ONT)

Things are getting sloppy today. Take that Bulltards! (I just couldn’t resist.)


LIO said...

Great blog !! but just one thing, CFT Financials has a office in Toronto ?? I thought they were only in Montreal and London(UK). can someone verify this

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