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Thursday, June 26, 2008

LIBOR Perks Up Again...

One Week LIBOR is perking up… hinting at the re-emergence of stress in the financial system. One Month LIBOR hasn’t yet moved, so this could just be nothing but noise…

However, with rumors of Chrysler filing for Chapter 11 flying around (which they denied) and news of Goldman Sachs (GS) putting Citigroup (C) on their ‘Conviction Sell List’, I’d sell or short first and ask questions later.

U.S. Stock Futures Drop; Research In Motion, Citigroup Retreat: “Citigroup dropped 85 cents to $18 after Goldman added the shares to its “conviction sell” list.”

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Anonymous said...

One week LIBOR is probably rising due to the close of the quarter on the 30th. Not much to see here.

Ben Bittrolff said...


Looks that way... for now.

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