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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Those Nigerians Sure Are Quick

Those Nigerians sure are quick to adapt… (I'm just guessing this is an adaptation of the classic Nigerian e-mail scam.)

Fed Warns Consumers About Pitches on Phony U.S. Lending Program: “The U.S. Federal Reserve cautioned consumers against fraudulent solicitations claiming access to a nonexistent federal consumer loan program.

Individuals are being told brokers can tap into a Fed effort providing “sizable secured loans to consumers,” the Fed said in a statement today. Consumers are then encouraged to deposit large sums of money, described as a security deposit, to get their loan, the bank said.

“The Federal Reserve is advising consumers that it has no involvement in these solicitations and does not directly sponsor consumer lending programs,” the statement said.

The central bank has done an unprecedented amount of lending in multiple attempts to stem the financial crisis since September. It extended a $122.8 billion credit line to American International Group Inc., the largest U.S. insurance company. The Fed also bought commercial paper valued at $145.7 billion in an effort to support money markets and issued a record $110.7 billion in direct loans to commercial banks as of Oct. 29.

Investors should “verify the legitimacy” of potential business partners, the Fed said. Questions can be addressed to the Federal Reserve's help center at 1-888-851-1920 or”

For $50 cash I can show you how to access the discount window directly…


Anonymous said...

Hello my name is Abu Jiharie. I am the chief bank administrator of the Bank of Nigeria. I would very much like to access the discount window directly. I have for you a check in the sum of 50000 USCents for the above offered information. To ensure legitimacy of this transaction please include your bank account name and number along with your personal name, mailing address and social security number for security verification purposes. We look forward to your prompt response. thank you.

Anonymous said...

Like our government under Georgie Boy is going to loan any money or do anything for the underclasses. After eight years of this demonstrated every day in every way, anyone believing this scam deserves to lose money.....

Anonymous said...

i went to the window and got an order of fries and a check for $1.5 billion...!

mikemathew said...

If anyone thinks there is no curse on Nigeria, he needs to consult his “chi”. If we are truly blessed as the most religious Country on earth with all the human skills God have given us through Nigeria. the old Nigeria Airways wasted so many men of substance in such a short period. It is expensive to fly in Nigeria and those who do are not men and women of small means. Many of them are honest people trying to manage their time by flying.
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