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Monday, November 3, 2008

Financial Ninja Favs: October

In case you missed them, here are YOUR favorite Financial Ninja posts for the month of October:

1) Really Scary Fed Charts: OCT, Now Crazy Scary
2) Politics Before and After a Crash, Depression
3) Bernanke Bailouts Not Working, Banks Hoarding
4) Volkswagen Short Squeeze, Hedgies Hurting
5) Closer to ZIRP, Liquidity Trap, Lost Decade

The most popular posts were about the Fed in general and interest rate policy heading towards ZIRP.

Homeless made it into the top 10 posts for the month, the first time one of my joke posts has done so.

October was a record month for many reasons in many ways. Unique visitors hit 72k, and pages views exceeded 120k as credit markets seized up and equity markets imploded.

Incoming Site Traffic:

1) Dollar Collapse
2) The Kirk Report
3) Naked Capitalism
4) Financial Armageddon
5) Afraid to Trade

These are the top 5 blogs referring traffic to The Financial Ninja for the month. All are excellent sources of financial insight and are on my daily must read list.


Anonymous said...

The mathematical conditions of a Keynes' Liquidity Trap, we found is when long-term interest rates get so low as not to compensate the lender for his interest risk.

We found that as long as there is such a thing as credit the economy will stay in a Liquidity Trap.

Remember Japan Lost Decade is already 15 years old.

There is One Solution That Works:

A Credit Free, Free Market Economy

1 7 7 6 - Annuit Cœptis