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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Elections: Storms Brewing as Jobs Disappear

“Those who recommend integration must be considered pea-brained even if they are scholars and scientists. Just try mixing oil and vinegar. Then shake the bottle. After a moment the two substances will separate again. Do you really believe French society could absorb ten million Muslims, who would be twenty million tomorrow and forty million the day after? In fact, my own village would no longer be Colombey-les-deux-Églises but would rather come to be known as Colombey-les-deux-mosques.” -French President Charles de Gaulle, 1959

FN: This quote was used by Geert Wilders (yes, pictured above) in his election victory speech at Copenhagen. Full text here. His Party of Freedom wants to halt immigration from non-western countries. More and more of the Dutch population feels the same... as jobs disappear.

Things will get ugly over the next few years. This Generational Storm and Ethnic Storm is just getting started.


Anonymous said...

It's a little bit too 'easy' to try to connect Mr Wilder's words to the economy and unemployment. He has been warning about this problem for years, also during the economic boom years, so no, it has little to do with economics and unemployment rates.

People are voting for him because they are completely fed up with the politically correct brainwashing in the media and the gross underestimation by the incompetent politicians of the failed integration of minorities.

Doug said...

After reading this I want to move to Denmark!

If you dont think wages would be higher if we didnt have illegals taking low paying jobs here, take a vacation and go to North Dakota.

Up north, where illegal immigrants are as rare as exotic sportscars, You will find job postings at local McDonalds and gas stations offering matching 401k plans, full health coverage, 15$/Hr starting wage, paid vacation and sick leave - the works. Why? because they dont have illegals willing to work for minimum wage or less like they do here!

Anonymous said...

Get real, Doug.

Up North? What is this, the civil war?

Why don't you pack up your bags, your ancestors, your ass backward thinking and go back to europe where you came from?

oh, right, you've already consumed all the resources in europe.

Doug said...

Hey, Im only reporting the facts, dont blame the messenger.

Throwing insults just proves you cant come up with a legitimate response.


Anonymous said...

That's right. There are no jobs that Americans won't do. There are just jobs that Americans won't do for slave wages.

-Anonymous #3

Jeff said...

The issues of unemployment combined with increasing migration seems to be brewing into a molotov cocktail of sorts, that could explode any time.

khalid said...

Frankly, I don't see the big deal with what Doug just said, that would make Anonymous # 2 get so pissed off?

Shouldn't the world be a place where you have the right to a decent stipend no matter what you do?
Instead of allowing illegals to run rampant anywhere, and allowing for unabated and uncontrolled immigration, shouldn't the world be concerned with the fixing the hellholes most people live in?

fajensen said...

After reading this I want to move to Denmark

Mr Wilders is a Dutch politician, Not Danish, although more and more Danes also agrees with him.

Here we vote for the "Dansk Folkeparti" to vent against the policy of mass immigration that presently costs about 15% of all taxes.

Problem is that DF are 1950'ies retro- Social Democrats more then anything. They mostly want to take from immigrants and give to pensioners so, if you are a taxpayer you will be shooting your foot voting for them - except of course you get the enjoyment presented by watching "the cultural elite" squirm.


The feeling is that that the people of Europe are being forced to pay for our own colonization by the same very muslim countries that we have kicked out invading armies from so many times in the past!

Contrary to our cowardly politicians, we are not the least afraid of islams terrorism or threats to the oil supply.

Instead, we are afraid of our children becoming nazis again, sending all the muslims the same way as the jews.

The hard truth is that throughout the last 1000 years history of Europe, *massive ethnic cleansing* was what eventually created the stable and prosperous European states, not any wuss "dialogue", "integration", "diversity" or any other crap spouted by quiche-eating lefties (If diversity was so good as that lot think then Congo with its 400 tribes should be the best place on the planet to live).

IMO: Mass immigration is a huge social-science experiment that will fail terribly once the unlimited tax money needed to fund it with runs out.


Anonymous said...

Ignoring of course the near-millennium of Pax Romana, in all of its multi-ethnic and tolerant glory, eh?
Europe, lest we forget, but recently emerged from its Christian Dark Ages - and we have the Moslems to thank for what little was preserved of the preceding "European/ Western" Roman & Greek Civilization's science.
And al-cohol: an Arabic thing, this distillation, yes?
Bah. Those who cleave to weird dreams of "social and/or ethnic purity" are themselves relics of the Dark Ages.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jeez, Anonymous #4, stick to finance. I don't think history is your forte.

The pax Romana was a military dictatorship that supported the institution of slavery and where dissenters were crucified or fed to lions. If I weren't an ethnic Roman, I wouldn't want to live there. And isn't it funny how the moment the Romans were no longer around to keep everybody in line, all the component parts broke off into their own nation-states?

As far as the "dark ages" go, yes, they were Christian, but they are but a small portion of Europe's time as a Christian entity. Many people, both within Europe and without, kept Greek and Roman literature, science and mathematics alive throughout the dark ages. That Muslims played a small part in that means Europe is obligated to turn itself over to them?

What nobody seems to realise (or want to realise) about massive third world immigration to the West, is that once third worlders become the majority, the countries they are in will start to resemble the countries they all wanted to leave in the first place.

Fajensen has it right.

-Anonymous #3

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