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Friday, February 27, 2009

Only One Guy Actually Gets It in DC

[ HT The Doomsday Report ]

Ron Paul really is the only guy over there that gets it.

Oh, and Ben Bernanke has some pretty big bags under his eyes.


Anonymous said...

The media didn't give Ron Paul the time of day during his presidential campaign. Conspiracy theory ? You better believe it !

Anonymous said...

Why don't we see that type of scorn leveled at Barney Frank, Pelosi, et al?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Anon #2 we do see such scorn leveled: you just haven't been paying attention, and have hence fallen in arrear; default and foreclosure may follow.

Anonymous said...

You "government" bad, "unregulated, unadulterated free market capitalism" good idealogues are starting to sound like blithering occupants of a mental institute.

You had your chance. Ronald Reagan started this when he sold you the stars, broke the unions, told you that deficits don't matter, and told you that government was the problem. Bush and Greenspan finished it with almost total deregulation of finance, markets, and commerce.

The choice now is the path being set out by the new administration, elected by the American people, to coordinate a comprehensive solution to restart the markets or continue on the path being soap boxed by you "free market" ideologues, that created this mess in the first place, and ends in some kind of Mad Max social breakdown scenario where it's every man for himself.

So get off the guns and gold soap box and STFU.

Robert E. said...

It's nice to see more people feeling as I do about the cancer known as the Fed. Another guy who gets it is Ralph Nader.

Anonymous said...

Nader and Paul together?
Like matter and anti-matter?
And Anon #5 has it right: the productivity gains of American industry in the past thirty years - and those have been substantial - were not shared by the uppers with the middles and lowers. Result: median real incomes have been static or in actual decline throughout that whole period, for a significant majority of the population.
That's bad for society: it indicates bad, or partial, government.
In a system of popular government, this means that change had to come.
Had the USA not been capable of peaceful change, it would have been change of a more "vigorous" sort: of the kind which we have seen in other states, not so amenable to peaceful change. Of the kind which America herself saw in 1776, and 1860.

Pizza Dude said...

So CNBC gets a feed for a hearing...and the congressman don't give them quick soundbites...they say " this is not going as planned, they said there would be short opening statements" But the statements were good. They were what Americans and investors should here. That there is actually some people saying " whoa hold on here, maybe we should not just get on this runaway train"