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Monday, February 23, 2009

Rick Santelli Rant Before the First Bailouts

A Rick Santelli rant BEFORE the first bailout attempts... when the S&P 500 was still trading at the lofty level of 1191.20.

He had it right from day one.

"They're insolvent for gods' sake!"

I'll say it again: Rick Santelli for President!


Believe Steve said...

What about Steve Liesmen for President?

Anonymous said...

Santelli = republican dead-ender
He ought to join a militia.

navid said...

So Ninja... are we in for a quick bounce or is this a controlled demolition?

bosunj said...

Santelli for pivotman!

TulsaTime said...

Ok, so when is GS gonna take it in the neck? Or do they got protection to keep em out o hock until the dollar folds up???

DiverCity said...
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DiverCity said...

You mean Steve LIESman? Who the hell cares if Santelli's a Republican -- it's what he says and does that matters. Ron Paul is a Republican but he sure as hell ain't like McBush. Disclosure: I didn't vote for either one.

Irrational Doomsday Blog said...

lol @ the panicked people in that video demanding a signal to restore confidence immediately immediately immediately- work out the details later! Crash!

Then more recently the market demanding details immediately immediately immediately! How can we trade on this jawboning! Crash!

And plenty of people in the interim demanding the government stop meddling! GTFO and let the markets sort it out! Crash!

Confidence is bad for a reason. Everybody can shoot 50 holes in every proposed solution (both action or inaction) for a reason. This situation is going to continue getting worse, and they can't do anything to stop it.

I read what you had to say about gold, and I'm thinking one of your scenarios to buy gold is becoming more likely by the day.