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Sunday, February 8, 2009


[ hat tip The Big Picture ]


So true it hurts.

“Stimulis” is written and produced by Ted Balaker, and edited by Alex Manning.


Brant said...

"Economic" talk shows don't want to hear real stuff. Yesterday, Saturday, I called the Ric Edelman show, got thru and wanted to comment that I had gotten out of 70-80% of my 401K/IRA stuff and moved to money markets in October 2007. My portfolio lost ~2-3% for the year. I was going to say I had done this based on gut feeling and reading/listening to out of the main stream blogs (you guys) and talk shows (Phil Grande). All of you guys were right and all of them were wrong. I waited for 1 hour plus, they kept coming to me saying I would be next, but about 15 minutes left in the show they said Ric couldn't get to me. I think I'm going to contact his website, complain, and give him all of your names.

Still haven't found work, but I'm going to take some getting into teaching exams and I think get into teaching. My wife and I would be on the same schedule, etc and I think these kids needs some real istruction for the coming times......establish a good tap root.

Brant, Atlanta, GA