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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hilarious Mark to Market Debate

[ HT The Big Picture ]


Josh said...

This is slightly off topic I know. Remember your piece about Goldman Sachs, "This Pig too...etc..."
I for once did the right thing and covered my shorts last Tuesday I think.
Now the share price is back to just under $100 again. Seems to me to be another oppo to go short again. Same with JPM.
The bankers have turned the volume control of the hype meter to full.
Surely the "market" can't be so stupid as to bellieve it ??!

Anonymous said...

Seems there are only two financially reasonable congressmen, Ron Paul and Alan Grayson.

Takis Mpitsoulas said...

Excellent blog. Trully pleased to visit every day. Greetings from Athens - Greece. (We are in better fincial shape than most of people believes. Long term investors may try buy Greek banks.) Any way, thank you Ninja!

brandy night rocks, CPA said...

Every time I see a U.S. Congressperson smirking and nudging their constituents about the questionable accounting practices of some business or other, I want to puke. They're all, "Oh, golly, I guess I'm just too dumb to understand that 5 equals 10, am I right or what folks? SNEER"
Yeah, stop hiding behind the off-books Social Security liability accounting gimmick and then we can talk about insolvency, milkface.
Smarmy fuckers do everything they accuse businessmen of doing, except about 100 times worse.