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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The People Are Slowly Catching On...

[ HT UK Bubble ]

Couldn't have said it better myself.

When the rage and despair finally boils over, the outburst of violence will be sudden.

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Anonymous said...

Strange to see this in the European Parliament. I would have expected this in the British Parliament. Wish I could see something similar in the US.

Anonymous said...

That guy is my hero, bring him over here to the US.
He gave that bastard a well deserved tongue lashing.

Anonymous said...

its always easy to place blame on your opponent...don't you know? There are no heroes in politics, or the government. The real heroes are those that stand up to a tyrannical government without pause. Those that desire change regardless of the price.

The people are so complacent nowadays and they wait for some powerful government official to come in and save the day. Except that day never comes, for if it did, we would be in a completely different world today. A better one. A much better one.

It is the people in control now, and those that have been control (which are essentially one in the same) that will dictate our lives, and the lives of our governmental officials. Its the same bloodlines that have dictated the perceptions of life for many centuries. They have a stranglehold on society, and they are ruthless and uncompassionate in all forms. Until that is realized, nothing will get accomplished for you, your children or your grandchildren.

The world must change, and it will be horribly painful but there will be much sustainable peace afterwards. An alternative is to continue to march the same drummer.

Choose your heroes wisely,

Anonymous said...

thanks Ben,

If only more of our Congressmen would join Ron Paul in criticizing the very systems that have transferred so much wealth from ordinary folks to the money-changers in New York and Washington, this country would be a very different country today.

Anonymous said...

"An ounce of prevention".

Where was the outrage during the bubble? Where was the call during the past 30 years to cut down the deficits?

At this point, we're all screwed. And now we're getting mean to each other.

It seems people enjoy seeing people get angry and be mean to each other, hence the reality shows (or at least how they're marketed -- I don't watch them). Now, we pass around videos of politicians disparaging each other, after it's too late really for anyone to do anything.

I want to see politicians recommend alternative solutions, instead of just criticize. Otherwise, we'll likely cloud our judgment with emotions and make even worse choices.

FWIW, click my link to view my own "rant" and solution.

Anonymous said...

I want to see politicians recommend alternative solutions, instead of just criticize. Otherwise, we'll likely cloud our judgment with emotions and make even worse choices.

I like to see politicians get into fights and beat each other up ;-)

The problem with shunning emotions is that they are the best decision-making machinery we have.

The human brain is wired in such a way that it decides first and then make up the perfectly rational explanation for the decision!

The bad decision-making you (and many others) blame "emotions" for is instead caused by another canned behaviour: "Follow the Tribe!"

If one is in a crowd one will act, think and behave like all the others in the crowd (while thinking that one is independent, rational e.t.c. - because the brain will invent good reasons for being with the crowd, even if the crowd is stupid).

I.O.W: If you want good decisions you have to gather evidence, study it for yourself, sleep on it so the brain can work then take the decision that "feels" right.

However, Society is organised to prevent individual thinking so it will not be of much use: The nail that sticks out is hammered, basically.

It is worth reading some Behavioural Psychology/Behavioural Finance books if you want to scare yourself silly ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wunsacon: Geez the Authoritarian repubs have squawked about "deficits" every time it is suggested that working class or poor people be given anything from the tax receipts...but never when the spend was on police, prisons, or war, or big bankers or close friends in AIG or Goldman....
The pious concern over the deficit is a red herring: there is NOTHING the US Gov could not afford, if it so desired: FDR hired 60% of the unemployed, in 1937. But to do that kind of thing, all the policies in place up to now would have to shift, to accomodate the change.
It appears that they have no intention of changing policies to that extent (ie to help the poor and heplpless and sick: those "born with nothing": that is the problem.

Anonymous said...

Keynes said “In the long run, we're all dead.”

So as we have come to prove him economically right, one can only hope the people wake up and grab the reins of power and re-establish a constitutionally approved economic system once again.

Anonymous said...

I hope that it is only mere coincidence that the Fed US Gov has set up a massive and intrusive Nat Sec "Homeland" bureaucracy based on surveillance, in the time just before the arising of a threatened outbreak of domestic populist violence, a violent protest against the perceived injustice of handing the tax receipts over to already-very-wealthy bankers & insurance cos., while denying any effectual aid to the newly-poor, the working class and those shut out of necessary medical care.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that repub-led thirty-year military build-up has really improved 'security":

Anonymous said...

And I am sure that this stuff does not increase deficits:

yeah it's Social security that needs dismantling, and welfare must be abolished, right....

PS I especially enjoy the reference to "former politicians acting as financial-industry lobbyists" in the realm of municipal finance...yep, those damned lazy welfare queens, and those revolving-door prisons, that's the problem...