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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Financial Ninja Favs: NOVEMBER

In case you missed them, here are YOUR favorite Financial Ninja posts for the month of October:

1) Really Scary Fed Charts: NOV, US Bankrupt?
2) Economic Nuclear Winter
3) How to Not Beg for Billions
4) Federal Receipts and Outlays: The New Scary Chart?
5) The Five Stages of Collapse

The most popular posts were about the Fed (again). Posts about general economic and social Armageddon are in the list for the first time such as Economic Nuclear Winter and The Five Stages of Collapse. These leads me to believe that we are getting closer to that final rinse in risky assets and put in that elusive bottom.

November was almost a record month for many reasons in many ways. Unique visitors hit 72k, and pages views exceeded 118k as the world continues to unravel.

Incoming Site Traffic:

1) Dollar Collapse
2) 321Gold
3) Market Ticker Forums
4) Financial Armageddon
5) All American Gold

These are the top 5 blogs referring traffic to The Financial Ninja for the month. All are excellent sources of financial insight and are on my daily must read list. For the first time my deflationary stance has sucked in some traffic from the ‘gold bugs’ over at 321Gold and All American Gold.

Once again: yes, the Fed is now printing money. No it won’t be inflationary. First, debt and therefore money is being destroyed far faster than the Fed is printing. Second, the money being printed is being hoarded. Third, the velocity of money has collapsed.


Anonymous said...

"These leads me to believe that we are getting closer to that final rinse in risky assets and put in that elusive bottom."

The real bottom comes when your casket hits the bottom the grave for most. Cremation probably isn't going to stop a permanent bottom either as eventually the partials from your burning corpse will fall back to earth. Burial at sea won't work sooner or latter even fish shit goes to the bottom. I”m going to try and put that off as long as I can but if your looking for THE REAL FINAL BOTTOM ones own death is probably a good place to look. The bright side is you won't be worried about it.

All kidding aside I belive that be down another 40-50%

Anonymous said...


Do you think physical gold will deflate at a rate parallel to other asset classes?

Anonymous said...

RE: "The real bottom...etc.", above.
We living ones can hit the bottom, and then drill right through it.
Anonymous above has not been down deep enough below, maybe.

Anonymous said...

Which is better, physical gold or physical potatoes? From the dollar collapse link Ben provided I read,

"In hyperinflation, a kilo of potatoes was worth, to some, more than the family silver; a side of pork more than the grand piano....."

Recently, I bought bulk sugar, flour, rice, etc for ~$60 for the local food pantry. They put it in qt ziplocs for ind. family servings. I think I might do the same storing in a plastic tote. I read in a book to put dry ice in the storage container. The resulting heavier than air CO2 fills the container keeping bugs and the like out. I might do the same to some other staples. I figure for a couple $100 in food staples now, I might actually have several $1,000 worth of gold and silver in the future. The book also said its better to be a few months too early rather than 2-3 days too late.

Local snow storm warnings seem to give a rush to localized stores. I wonder what it would be like for an entire region to have runs on stores. Hopefully having several weeks/couple months worth would be enough to get over the hump, beyond that we've got more trouble than just food shortages. The book also said the US could have I think 50% crop failure and we could still feed our country. The Americas may be very thankful for these oceans down the road.

Brant, Atlanta, GA (actually east about 40 miles)

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