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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Signs of Improvement, Second Major Accumulation Day


Anonymous said...

accumulation or short covering?

Ben Bittrolff said...

Short covering for sure.

When you go straight up 12.5% it can't be anything but short covering.

That still counts though...

S said...

you make it go up but you can;t make it fly...those with a horizon past next hour atre net sellers into any rally

Anonymous said...


The addict ( Market ) is having an " OK " day. Must have had a couple glasses of water and taking a litte nourishment. Obviously will stay away from the junk now (but will be tempted)

I foresee a few rough days early next week where we might even have to have a time-out...but yes signs of improvment are coming. Now we have to schedule our meetings where we say " Hi, my name is and I am a ......"


Anonymous said...

Market expected .75 got .5 so much for improvement...

Tord Steiro said...

I am not sure if I have understood these charts - their a bit technical - but I think I have understood the following:

The TED spread is down, the risk premiums are going down, and those who had to liquidify assets have done so. Hence, traders are now expected to go back into the market and act more as normal compared to the last couple of weeks/months. This, in turn, means that some traders obviously will secure profits in dollars, some traders will move back into more risky businesses, assets, and currencies, and the money market will start to function again.

If this is a more or less correct interpretation of your charts (a chrash course in chart reading - or a link to one - would be highly appreciated!), would suspect that next week will bring a depreciation of the dollar, a surge in the price of oil and perhaps gold, and a turn in the stock market. Or?

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